Friday, July 27, 2007

What number Child is this?

I had part of a song stuck in my head for most of the morning. (I don't know what's going on this week, but some part of my subconscious is desperate to either make me crazy or break out in song and dance numbers.)

I had the third verse stuck in my head and was inept at working my way either forwards or backwards to figure out the name of the song. It's a folk song, that's all I knew.
And I have shoes for my love's feet
Beaten of the purest gold,
And lined with the velvet soft
To keep my love from cold.
And then I know that later on there's a verse which goes:
Oh I do love the ship, she said.
And I do love the sea.
But woe betide the dim mariners
That nowhere do I see.
I can hear my aunt singing those two verses -- she ALWAYS sang every verse, even if the song had thirty or more. The tune is INCREDIBLY familiar and it stuck firmly in my head for hours today. I hummed those verses over and over again, unable to get a hero, a heroine, or a plot to make themselves known in my head.

Then, all at once the entire song popped fully formed into my head. (But in an interesting twist, it was not THIS version of the song. The one that dropped in to say hello while I was sipping coffee was one of the *145* versions which is the most popular. Bob Dylan sang this version. Pentangle* sang an amazing but different version of this song as well with a oddly upbeat chorus.)

*Edit: Actually it was Steeleye Span who had the upbeat version
Answers on Monday.


CindyS said...

Here let me help you get that tune out of your head.

Oh I wish I had Jessie's Girl ....

Better? ;)

I've had Don't Worry Be Happy in my head for too long now. Stupid song.


Suisan said...

I hate you. Gack.

Thanks for the earworm. Anything I can do for you?