Sunday, July 29, 2007

What Are We Hiding Part Deux

When selling a horse, is this what we REALLY want to put out there? Hmmmm?

[name edited] proudly offers "BANDIT" standing at Stud. Stud fee 2007 $600 Reg $350 Grade LFG Live cover only. 100% Homozygous for Tobiano! Last year's foals are beautiful...2 black and white, 2 tri colours! DVD me! Pictures available. This stallion is beautiful, athletic and agile. Poetry in Motion!

And um, I would want to breed to this horse, um, why exactly? So far all I can tell is that his pasture has lots of grass in it. This is like those car ads which say, "Need a little body work" and when you go visit the car Bondo is flaking off in great sheets.

I'm not saying by any stretch of the imagination that the horse is badly put together, or an eyesore, or hard to train, or any such thing. I'm only saying that since he apparently eats very slowly, the grass is preventing me from *seeing* the horse in the picture. Which is usually the point of the picture. No? Am I confused?

Has happened before.

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Bev (BB) said...

Well, he do have a hay stalk hanging out of his mouth? So maybe he do eat slow?

I says in my Kaintucky hayseed accent which I really don't have in the first place. Most people think I talk faster than a New Yorker. Okay, maybe not that fast. I can't even blink that fast. ;p That horse on the other hand doesn't look like he's in any hurry to munch.