Monday, July 23, 2007

I've lost something important. Maybe my mind?

Yes, indeedy.

There are a few things which are critical to getting through the day without yelling at the dog, or at yourself out of sheer frustration. Today, sometime this morning, I lost my glasses.

{ insert scream of frustration right here }

Yesterday I worked in the yard raking up dead grass and (ew) dog poop. Yeah. Not my favorite thing. During that time, my clothes washer broke. WITH all of my son's sheets and blankets in it. Called Sears for a repair call. (Sometime today between 1 and 5. What ever happened to the three hour window?)

So after the yard work, I took a shower. I remember taking the glasses OFF to get in the shower. So they're not lost in the yard or in the trash barrels. Then I had to schlep the clothes to the laundromat (wet blankets are HEAVY). I had to make three trips by car. (Had to bring home the groceries I bought when the loads when into the washers to spin down. Then had to go back to switch them. Then had to go back to pick them up.) Remember squinting at the sun and moving my head to get the glare into the frame of the glasses on the last trip down. So I must have had them on last night after the shower? (Or maybe I didn't, and that's why the glare was bothering me? Can't remember. I need a shrink.)

Last night I set up the clothes and the lunch boxes for my son and youngest daughter to go to camp this morning. This morning I woke up early and went to the kids bathroom to braid my hair. Then I got my son up, got him dressed and breakfast made. We're on time to leave, and I cannot find the glasses.

OK, so I wasn't wearing the glasses when I braided my hair. Did I ever have them this morning? I don't remember putting them back on again after the hair braid -- there's a fiddling exercise where the earpieces cannot get stuck under the braid that I don't remember going through.

Did I take them off downstairs at night and never wear them upstairs to go to bed? Why are they not at my bedside table? Are they under the couch? Under the bed? Next to my sink? In the kids bathroom? Why no. They are not.

Dear Butcher took my son to camp. I still couldn't find them in time to get my daughter to camp. (I drove her anyway. I wouldn't like to be on the highway without them, but I can manage around town.)

Clearly the prescription isn't THAT strong or I'd be bumping into things. But JEEZ, this is frustrating.

Because of the clutter I have to clear a path for the washer repair guy before 1 pm. It's 11:00 now.


pant. pant. pant.

I'm off to take apart the area around my side of the bed to see if they fell off the table and have slid somewhere. I already took apart the couch to see if I took them off while watching TV last night. I don't think they're there.

Irony alert: I stayed downstairs last night to watch a TV show on compulsive hoarders on The Learning Channel.


CindyS said...

OMG!! I watched that show too!!

Do you have wood bed rails on your bed? I remember losing a remote for the longest time and finally found it when changing the bed sheets. It had fallen between the bed rail and the mattress. So, not on the floor and not on the bed, just in mid air. Other than that I have no suggestions. And I hate when the washer breaks and it's full of soaking wet heavy laundry and I hate service calls where they give you a 5 hour window. How is anyone supposed to sleep during the day?

I hope you have already found your glasses!


Tara Marie said...

Lost Glasses--OH NO!!

I'm forever losing mine and I can't read without them.

Some one needs to invent a miniature beeper than can attach, kind of like the "call from base" button on the base of the cordless phone.

Suisan said...

Washer is fixed. Yay! (Broken pump)

FINALLY, after hours of searching and tearing apart of various areas in the bedroom (including the sheets, mattress, etc.), I found the glasses.

They were on top of a drill case sitting on the edge of tub left over from when DB painted part of the master bathroom.

Took them off before the shower and must have never put them back on again.