Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Found em

Found the glasses at 6 pm last night, about ten hours after they first went missing.

The Brain? She is still wandering around somewhere looking for a more responsible owner.


Marianne McA said...

Anywhere exciting?

My fourteen year old found the eleven year old's Gameboy in the freezer when she was making lunch.

Frozen solid at the time - amazingly still working when defrosted.

How frantically would I have to be tidying in order to do that?

jmc said...

I helped a colleague dismantle her office, more or less, looking for her glasses.

She found them the next day out in her yard, in the glasses case, soaked. Seems like they must've fallen out of her bag on her way in or out of the house.

Kristie (J) said...

See - I was going to tell you to apply the Kristie law. As long as you don't look to hard they really aren't lost and they will show up in their own time - but that law failed me recently so I'm not quite as confident in it as I was before.