Friday, May 11, 2007

Some People get odd ideas.

Like these guys

They have a training vehicle you can drive your horse in, well, you're sort of behind it? Go watch the videos, it's the only way to describe it.

Apparently when you interact with the horses, flaws come into being. Because we all know how very mechanical horses are, and how very much any animal would preferred to be hooked up to a Winnebago and driven around a track.

And how much does one of the monorail systems COST? Surely there are a few hundred teenagers hanging around who are willing to trot out your horses in hand? They way they've done for centuries? It's a great workout! (Not to mention the very taboo subject of illegal immigrants who work at racetracks. Is this company saying that they'll all magically disappear one day and you'll be left with only a trainer, a ton of money, and wonderful machines?)

It's a combine for horses.

The mind boggles.

(And um. Uhh. On what planet is there an economic need for highly trained racing camels? OK. They race them in UAE, but uh, the purse size? Isn't it illegal to bet? I dunno enough about competitive dromedary athletic competitions, but I can't see how this will end up replacing little teeny boys waaaay up on the top of camels.)

There's a part of me which wonders if this is all an elaborate spoof, but, um, that car looks fairly solid.


Meljean Brook said...

I'm speechless. That *anyone* would think this was a good idea.


Suisan said...

I became obsessed and did some internet research. The company's in Turkey.

I was not aware that the entire population of Turkey had disappeared, leaving the Turks to rely completely upon machinary to train their horses.

There's a weird role reversal of the Industrial Revolution going on here which is most bizarre. Use horses to pull wagons until you invent the internal combustion engine which makes the horse less valuable, except as a luxury or in sport. Then, use the internal combustion engine to train the horse to run in a straight line?

But isn't that what it was doing already???

(Funny how they don't show any videos of the horse standing straight up the crossties -- which oddly enough are equipped with panic release snaps -- and freaking out. I wonder what one does at that point. Are humans allowed to intercede? Or do you just keep driving the car until the horse comes along with your program?)

CindyS said...

This is horrible. God forbid humans actually interact with the animals they breed, race and care for. Let's just treat them like a rat in a cage and force them to do what we want.

Then, how do these horses then adjust to running with other horses?

Too weird.

Okay, that's it, off to bed with me!