Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Let's get ready to Ruuuuummmble!!

Yes, folks. You guessed right! That lovely lady of lunacy, my mother, is on her way to visit me.

I could cry.

Here. Let's look at my schedule for the next few days, shall we?

Today I can clean the entire house and back yard.

Tomorrow I can continue cleaning in the morning, and then in the afternoon I have 2.5 hours of meetings to interview candidates for the Superintendent's position.

Thursday, I may just die. I have meetings from 11:30 in the morning straight through until 5:30. (Dinner during one meeting there) and then a public meeting from 6 pm until when ever it ends. 10 or 11 pm or so.

Friday I have a negotiations prep meeting at I think 10:00 in the morning until 11:30. My kids get out of school early on Fridays (11:40, 12:30, and 1:00), and then at 3:30 (or is it 4:30?), my youngest has belt testing for Karate.

Saturday, my mother and father arrive.

Monday I'm supposed to participate in an all-day Negotiations meeting. (I have to at least show up in the morning for a half-hour or so, but then I need to get out of there as it is. I don't want to leave my parents in charge of my younger kids for longer than I have to.)

Tuesday, I think I'm free.

Wednesday is my elementary school's Colonial Days, which means that I'm supposed to show up in Colonial Costume (HA!) and demonstrate hand spinning for groups of 4th graders. Which means that on either the previous Saturday or Sunday I'm supposed to meet with the other "spinning parents" to work out how we are going to do this.

Thursday I have a Budget Workshop at 6 in the evening until whenever it ends. We're looking at at least four hours. Have I prepared? Why no. I have not.

Friday morning I'm supposed to have a Special Meeting to take action on the items we've discussed in the Workshop so as to get them into the budget before the end of May. Did I mention that my kids get out early on Fridays? Yeah. So I'll have to pick them all up too.

Saturday I think my youngest has a birthday party to go to at a "Jump House". Those always sound like some weird euphemism for a crack house or a heroin den.

Sunday my parents leave.

Monday there's no school.

I can hardly wait. Really. This out to be a barrel of laughs.

Update: My son has started his medication. He's on a six week trial of two drugs at various levels of medication to determine what level and what drug works for him. I see some improvement at home. He's not changing his behavior THAT much at school. On the other hand, I had a talk with the principal this morning who spoke to him yesterday at my request. She said that she noticed a difference in his demeanor and in how well he took her suggestions regarding achieving the goals set out for him and respecting staff. After they talked, he said he wasn't ready to go back to the room yet, so she let him sit in her office while she finished up some work. Within about five minutes, he said he was ready to go, stood up, held the door for her, led her back to his room, held the door for her again, and then told his aide and his case manager that he was sorry for acting out on the previous day and that he was ready to get back to work. She hadn't asked him to apologize but was hoping that he would. Have I mentioned that I really like my principal?

In other news, I have learned that my son's original case manager, the one who thought it was just a peachy idea for staff to call the cops on my eight year old when he ducked under a table, the one who phrases all her conversations with him to focus on what he cannot do or on what he has already done wrong in the past, it turns out that she's working on an emergency credential which expires in June. Without her emergency credential, she is only qualified to act as a full-inclusion specialist, which is oh so ironic, since she has said a number of times that she doesn't believe in full-inclusion and is waiting for the laws to change. Special Kids need to be separated, according to her. Uh-huh.

I'm of the opinion that we should cut her loose, but then again, trying to find a competent Special Education teacher in June is, um, a bit ridiculous. So if we renew her emergency credential (Which she has had Five Years to obtain), then we're keeping her on to work with children when she's demonstrated that she hasn't a clue. Besides, why would we go out of our way to support a person who hasn't bothered to get the credential she needs for her job? AND, since I cannot stand her and have extraordinarily strong negative opinions of her, I feel as if I'm going to have to recuse myself from this decision.

In the meantime, since she job shared with another woman who is retiring, the principal does not know whether to post for a 1.0 position or a 0.5 position or 2 positions at 0.5 each. Goodie. This is going to turn out so well.

Feeling the positive energy just flow right on out of me, covering the world in a deliciously pink aura? Yeah. Me Neither.


shaina said...

you sound like you need some.

Beth said...

Oh dear god. Get out of town. NOW!