Wednesday, November 08, 2006

OK, I know it's spam, but what is it selling?

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spam blocker said...


if any want join to the war against spam
please visit this site - and please tell what are you thinking about this idea.

Suisan said...

I haven't had any spam in months. Months, I tell you.

So now I get spammed by a spam-blocker pitch? Who's spamming spam. Ummm. My irony meter just broke.

Curious though, hhat's the deal with the original text? Is the paragraph a secret homing signal for the brotherhood fo spammers and their ilk? Will this message self-destruct in five senconds?

Mailyn said...

No but it will give you one massive headache if you read it three times fast.

I tried.

I'm bored.


Meljean said...

I've gotten that one, too!

And I just got another P&P one -- with the subject heading "non-syrian mystico-religious"

WTF? *laughing* It's crazy.

Anonymous said...

Okay, you're not supposed to read them!! I open the e-mail and read the first line, after that I'm gone! Maybe they were just testing addresses and those who respond with WTF? get nailed because now they know that they exist.

Right now, I'm getting that letter from some royals who would like to share their wealth with me. Yep. Born yesterday I wasn't!