Tuesday, November 14, 2006

New Look, New Issues

So I switched to Blogger Beta, and now all my previously identified anonymous posts just show up as "Anonymous". Damn, that's annoying. Most of Meljean's witty commentary is now uncredited. Drat.

Those of you w/o google or blogger accounts I think have to use the "Other" option to get your name on the comment.

Oh Damn. I think this means that I've lost any proof that at one time Laura Kinsale showed up, commented, and signed her name. My brush with fame! Sobbing.


meljean brook said...

LOL! No loss, I swear. I shouldn't have been so lazy and actually logged into Blogger before posting.

CindyS said...

Actually I think the comments change - I know that Meljean logged in for comments and then they changed over to anonymous. The other day on blog rounds I hit a page and discovered that my comments were now anonymous also.

I don't know if it's something about logging in or if you're on IE or Fox but I hope they get the friggin' bugs out already!

Would it help if I tell you that *I* remember your brush with fame?

Didn't think so ;)


Jenster said...

Ooo!! What did Ms. Kinsale have to say? Was it about a particular book? I've only read one book of hers (Flowers From the Storm) but it's among my very favorite ever. I'm getting choked up just thinking about it!


Suisan said...

Meljean--I'll suffer for the loss. Really, I will.

Cindy--Yes it would help to know that you remember. Sigh. Remember when? **humming softly** Memmmreeees. Light the corners of my liiiiiife. Misty water color memmmmreees...

Jen--It was on a post about why I don't read Contemporaries. I think it's filed in the Smart Bitches Day category. (Love those categories) I'm a huge Kinsale fan. Huge. Major. (Except for Uncertain Magic.)

C2 said...

More proof that I am correct to be scared of switching! I don't wanna!!!