Friday, November 03, 2006


Thumbsuckers unite.

I feel so much better now after a long meeting with my thumb: MMnnnMMnnhMnnn. MMnnnMMnnhMnnn.

No more posts about how very angry I am. Because, you see, I'm not.

I got my package from MEGAN today!!!

Pride and Prejudice! Collector's Edition! Companion Book! Goddam, could not have come at a better time. No more thumb sucking needed. Just a bit of this:


C2 said...

Ohhh...Colin. I do enjoy him. ;-) Have you seen the newest version of P&P? I have to say it was excellent!

Sneaky, by the way, to do two posts so quickly. I think you're trying to avoid Kristie's wrath by burying your comments about DOY. LOL

ames said...

Ooh I envy your time with Colin. LOL

Let's see if I'll get this for Christmas. I wonder if I can wait that long?

Doug said...

That thumb-sucking lion looked like a HEART. How strange.

I've never seen any of the PnP movies. Loved the book when I was a teenager, though.

Mailyn said...

LOL, congrats on the win! He does nothing for me. :-)

Suisan said...


Kristie? Why would Kristie be annoyed with me? La la la.

Ames--great package, even if you already have the previous DVD set. Embossed gold lettering on the slipcover. Mmmm.

Doug--he DOES look like a heart!

Mailyn--I wouldn't say off the top of my head that Colin Firth himself is the center of my rich and varied fantasy life, but oh, he does play Mr. Darcy's inarticulate fascination so very well. I think that's why I like Flowers from the Storm so much too. He loves me, but he cannot bring himself to express it. Knock me over with a feather.