Sunday, November 12, 2006

By Laurie Wren


My daughter now has two frogs.

Osiris and Maat.

My daughter is head over heels in love with her frogs.

Dear Butcher? Not so much.


Mailyn said...

Frogs?!?! O_O;

I'd die. LOL.

Suisan said...

Yes. Little gray-green ones.

She wuvs em.

(OK, maybe that comment was mean) She thinks they are really cool. I think that going to the pet store every three days for crickets is a pain. But I'll do it for her.)

Mailyn said...

Again I say...I'd die. Right after I have a major hysterical attack. LMAO.

My doggie tries to give me dead lizards. I don't let him in the house until he gets rid of it. :-(

Suisan said...

frogs -- OK

Crickets -- not so much.