Friday, November 03, 2006

Angry Angry Angry



I'm angry at the newspapers.

I'm angry at my parents.

I'm angry at my house.

I'm angry at the mouse.

(Actually, I'm not, but the Dr. Suess who lives in my head made me write the last line.)

So, in the interests in getting back to, hello, books, I've got to get these out on the blog. I'm not angry at these. In fact, I've read them to soothe myself and for the most part it's worked. No reviews, because, that would take frickin' forever, but know that I enjoyed them all.

The Virgin and The Unicorn by Joan Smith (Skimmed kind of, but really liked)

Aunt Sophie's Diamonds by Joan Smith (Loved it!!)

The Golden Feather by Amanda McCabe (Fun!)

The Lady Midnight by Amanda McCabe (Good hero. Think I would have liked it better as a shorter Traditional Regency format. Not sure exactly why.)

Scandal in Venice by Amanda McCabe (Suffered from being the last of three books by the same author all read in a row. I think it's good though.)

Lord Dearborn's Apprentice by Laurie Bishop (Fun!! Lord Ryburn was the high-in-the-instep hero that I do enjoy. Although, really, I think he could have been a touch snootier.)

When Horses Fly by Laurie Bishop (Great beginning. Young lady comes to country house to serve as companion to elderly gentleman. When she arrives, discovers that elderly gentleman is an ass and has decided to marry her to piss off the relatives. But the total book was not really that engaging somehow?)

My Lady Gamester by Cara King (Loved this book--should do a longer review. When I calm down a touch, perhaps.)

Lady Dearing's Masquerade by Elena Greene (Fun!!)

Dreaming of You by Lisa Kleypas (hiding it down here where Kriste won't find me. Don't hurt me Kristie, puweese. But I didn't, cringe, like it. Oh, she's going to come pound on my head, I know she is. But see, I've only read Devil in Winter by Kleypas at this point, and, well, I liked Sebastian better. Derek was too over the top for me. Kiss kiss, Kristie? Come play pirates? We can even watch Scarlet Pimpernel together. I'm sure now I've devastated her.)

There are about three others that I've read recently too. Been on an insane binge of alternately roaming around the house arguing with people in my head and then diving into a book, refusing to come up for air. The books are all scattered about the house, but I'm sure there were more.

Oh, I remember one, Much Obliged by Jessica Benson. Very much enjoyed Lord Stanhope's Proposal. This one did nothing for me, but my daughter liked it a lot.

More lists later when I've finished tidying (I refuse to call it cleaning any more) the bedroom.


Anonymous said...

I really like Amanda McCabe too. Jessica Benson's Lord Stanhope's Proposal is excellent. Have you tried any Allison Lane?

I read alot of trad. Regencies. Great pick me ups.

Has Kristie noticed that you didn't like Derek?! LOL I've not read DOY, so I'm sure she'll be after me next.

Kate R said...

yah, books matter. newspapers and ex-superintendents just do not. And now you have Colin Firth too. Run away!

I know I liked Lord Stanhope's proposal too, though I can't recall what on earth it was about. Time to check Amazon, I guess.

Suisan said...

Bookwormom--no, I haven't tried Alison Lane. I'll put her down on that list I'm laways losing in my desk. Thanks for the rec.

Kate--Lord Stanhope's Proposal was just very witty. Plot wasn't much, but the comedy of errors and dialogue characterizations were well done.

Kristie (J) said...

OK - what happened here? I visited your blog every day and every day it was the same hypothetical question blog.
Note to self!


Anyway, I got quite a laugh that you didn't like DOY. I'm just happy as a little toadstool under an umbrella that you even read it *g*. I may not "understand" some people not liking it *chuckle", but then I'm sure they've adored books that I just kind of scratch my head at.

Kristie (J) said...

And - AhA! Bookwormon. The ever shrinking list never really dies does it?