Monday, February 25, 2008

No Title (except this one)

Today's events:

I got my mother to leave early. Hurrah.

I was interviewed this morning by CPS. They are filing the report under "Unfounded". There will be a record of a report, but the case has been investigated and there is no foundation to believe that abuse is happening. The Social Worker also asked me to call her if I thought another report was forthcoming so that she could take the case.

I bought kitty litter. I do live a fascinating life, it's true.


Beth said...

I wish I were there, for I would buy you so many beers.

Anonymous said...

That's great. Glad they cleared it away so quickly.

And kitty litter - the thrills & excitement of it all...

Marianne McA

CindyS said...

THANK GOD!!! Still, very sorry you had to go through all that. I'll raise you one kitty litter and add dry dog food to the mix ;)


Kate R said...

((((suisan))))) again and as usual. Honestly.