Monday, February 11, 2008

I do love me some Fry and Laurie

Love the line, "Are you sure it's not 'Fraud!' they yell at you in the streets?"

Been spending many hours over at James Randi's Educational Foundation website. This was after a friend sent me a link showing that ingestion of virgin cold-pressed coconut oil can be beneficial for autistic children. Not hot pressed oil (Bad Bad), not coconut products (Bad Bad), but only virgin cold-pressed coconut oil (Natural. Good. Good).

Okaaaay. Got any brilliant ideas about how to get said child to ingest this gloop?

This is why I end up hanging out at the JREF forums. The snark on stupidity is quite refreshing.


Anonymous said...

I've only heard of this in conjunction with a gluten free diet or as a treatment for candida (intestinal). You can make it taste good with spices etc. but there's no getting around that texture. Even determined grownups without sensory issues have a hard time with this one. It's like eating melted wax. Only worse. Babybear

Suisan said...

Yeah. There's no way in heck he's going to eat this stuff. Ever.

I have another friend who's interested in letting me know that he'd benefit from having indigo crystals hung around his room. Uh huh.

Lyvvie said...

Spread it on toast! If it's like normal coconut oil, it has no flavour. The thing here is to give ADD kids Omega 3 fish oil, but I don't know if they tried it on autistic children. Plus the fish burps are distracting.