Friday, February 22, 2008

Check, Please!

I'm done.

The school has reported us to Child Protective Services. Yeah, I know they're a mandated reporter, and yeah, I know that Saul said in the middle of a tantrum at school that he couldn't go home with his dad because dad made him get bloody noses. Yeah, I know that the social worker will realize that this is an exceptionally complex case once she talks to his behaviorist, his family therapist, his psychologist and his psychiatrist, file a report and be done with it. Yeah, I know all that in my head.

But other parts of my body are screaming.

I have an appointment on Monday to drive up to the county seat to be interviewed by the social worker. Fun. Did I happen to mention that my mother is coming to visit tonight? Staying through Tuesday? Yeah. Great.

I'm totally serious here. I've gotten through most of this stuff with my son by just saying that I can hang on one more day. Or that I can go meet with one more person. Or that by next week such-and-such report will be filed and that THAT report will be the one that is helpful. I've had good people come on board and ten leave with no explanation. I've had decent people come on board who got stubborn. I've had t drive away manipulative people who were damaging him. (Including the one person at the school who said, "All that child needs is a good spanking." Hmm. Wonder where she is now? May be SHE can talk to the social worker and explain herself?)

But right now. I've hit the end of all sanity. I'm walking through days now in slow motion.

And my mother is coming to visit tonight. Joy.


Ambar said...

I got no practical help to give, but I'll tell you you're not alone.


Chris said...

Oh, god, suisan, that's horrible! I'm so impressed by how you've handled all the crap that's been thrown at you, and I can totally understand your reaction.

I hope things get better for you.

Megan Frampton said...

Oh, geez. How about giving your mom a bloody nose?

Maybe I could volunteer.

We've got your back, even though we're connected only through cyberspace.

CindyS said...

Holy crap. I'm so sorry Suisan. You are all in my thoughts and you should have called your mom and told her you had all been hit by the plague. Gets my mother to run the other way all the time.


Beth said...

Gawd. Ya know, I'm getting ready to book an escape to a beach with nothing but me, my not inconsiderable store of cellulite, and a stack of books. And many drinks with umbrellas. Possibly a randy cabana boy. Might I humbly suggest you join me?

But more importantly: HUGE hugs to you.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry.

Like Ambar said, no practical help to give, & moreover, nothing useful to say.

The useless thing I want to say is that if you have reached the end of your sanity, might be worth going to your GP. I've a friend who in a ludicrously stressful family situation found that medication helped. Couldn't change the stressful circumstances, but from the outside looking in, the medication seemed to take the edge off the despair.

Marianne McA

Anonymous said...

It's the pits. :(

No words of wisdom, lived to long for that. But you are in my thoughts.