Thursday, January 17, 2008

Perfect Storm of Batshit Crazy

First off, my son is fine. This is not about him.

My BROTHER on the other hand. Oy.

He called the other day (because my Mom asked him to), asked how I was, and how my son was. I told him things were generally okay. And then he said, "Really? I mean are you being real with me?"

"Yes, Doug. Things have been stressful and strange, but I feel good that we're meeting with a good psychiatrist finally, and things at school are...."

"You know, I'm sorry. But I'm totally falling asleep here. I'll call you tomorrow, OK?"

"Uh. Sure."

I KNOW that I ramble on here at the blog, but I swear this conversation was less than a minute. Thirty seconds, tops.

This morning he called me again. He has this weird way of talking, of rambling through his mania and paranoia, then for no reason, he halts. He thinks. He rushes again through a strange mix of phrases and words without ever coming to the end of a sentence or completing a thought. There are ideas in there, like "self-improvement" and "doing what's best" and "personal trials", but since there's no verb in the sentence, it's really hard to tell if he's talking about me or about him.

He laughs in the middle of pauses, almost explosively. Then suddenly He's Serious. Deep Voice. Short Phrases. Military Inflection.

And then again we fly along some long half formed idea.

It's exhausting to listen to. Hey, but at least he didn't fall asleep in the middle of it. Nor did I. But I still don't REALLY know why he called.

I just got home from sitting by the side of the road listening to this wacko farrago on my cell, and sat down at the computer. Via Pharyngula, I discovered this: Defamer posts Tom Cruise Video.

Holy Shit. It's my brother. He even has that "I'm looking right at you with my piercing gaze so that you'll take me seriously" thing going on that my brother has.

Back to back? That was creepy.


Chris said...

I managed to watch the first couple of minutes of Tom - what a freaky, freaky man. Makes me realize how lucky I am that my brother is weird in a laid-back, stoner kind of way. At least he doesn't frighten the children.

CindyS said...

OMG. Before you even got to the TC I was going to say 'oh, so you're the sister of Tom Cruise'. I have no clue what he is saying because there is no logic or even conclusion in his speech.

You're a good sister because I may have thrown a stone at my brother if he was talking like that. Seriously? You have a point you wanna come to?


Lyvvie said...

Yup, he gave me a headache. And I still don't know what KSW means.

Suisan said...

Keeping Scientology Real.

(But I only learned that by watching a guy on CBS news. Apparently it's a series of pamphlets written by L.Ron Hubbard. But I was wondering about KSW too.)

They both gave me a headache. Very strange to watch.