Monday, January 28, 2008

Eloquent spam

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(I do love the line of "Your usual bodyguard is absent. Oh!" Sounds vaguely sexual, with just a hint that a rescue in the style of Sir Percy Blakeney, Baronet, is imminent. La!)


Anonymous said...

This comment not so much about spam.

My copy of Flowers from the Storm arrived yesterday, and I stayed up till 2 reading it.

Lovely book.

(My absolute favourite moment was one you didn't mention - where he reflects on her sense of humour.)

Anyway, thanks.

Marianne McA

Prince of midnight, also good?

Suisan said...

Prince of Midnight, also good. Although it has some flaws which become apparent when you compare it side by side with Flowers.

It's not quite as dark and there are more derring do scenes of dashing escapades. Some of which sort of get in the way of the relationship of the H/H from time to time.

BUT. It is BY FAR the best book I've read about a highwayman. And a highwayman's horse.

Kate R said...

I put it into a search engine because I wondered. . . but now I'm still wondering.
WTF? is this?

Suisan said...

Brave of you to click on any link, but truly, I have no idea what it is.

There's some old odd stuff out there on Teh Internets.