Thursday, January 10, 2008

He's not THAT important! Sheesh!

I was in the Superintendent's office yesterday dropping off some paperwork. But her assistant told me she was out of the office.

"That's cool. Will she be back later on? Or is she out for a while?"

"I don't know. She's actually attending a taping of the Today Show."


"Our High School students were involved in a project that NBC is covering, so they sent a Today Show crew out to film it."

"That's so exciting!"

"Yeah, but the funniest thing was that someone else asked a few minutes ago if she was in, and I said she was at the Today Show, and she said, 'Because the School Board President resigned?'"

Oh good lord, people. Get a grip. Get OVER yourself. People in the Bay Area don't know where this town is, let alone have an opinion on this Evil Emperor in our midst. I hardly think the Today Show is going to swoop down to report on our gossip.

In other news, Saul is a bit closer to getting medication -- his psychiatric appointment went well. Phebe is going to ace her spelling restest, Neo is in a perpetual grumpy mood to top all previous grumpy moods, and Hobbes (the dog) and Bagheera (the cat) are terrified or exhilarated by each other. I have to get a picture posted of Bagheera. He is the official slayer of socks. Pounces on them and then flips them over his head up into the air. Kinda cute, really.


Anonymous said...

A link to today's cat and dog story.

Marianne McA

Lyvvie said...

*snicker* Today show...heeheee!

I love knowing the cat is settling in well. Seems like a very happy kitty already.

Good news for all the kids...well apart from grumpy moods. I'll go peek at Neo's blog and see what she says. It's so neat you have a link.

Suisan said...

I know. Isn't it great that gossip mongers are EXPECTING the Today Show to show up? Lord, that makes me laugh.