Saturday, January 19, 2008

Further comments on this matter

Yesterday I wrote:
I will not post again about local politics
I will not post again about local politics
I will not post again about local politics
I will not post again about local politics
And Angela James wrote in comments:
I LOVE your posts on the school board politics. I hope you don't feel you can't post them. They're what makes your blog your blog, just as much as the posts about your children!
I started to respond in comments, but it ended up being a post of itself. Here you go:

I dunno. I feel as if the political stuff is confusing, as I'm always using pronouns and it's never totally clear who did what and when. And the posts are long. (OK, I don't really write short posts now, do I?)

I guess because it's something that deeply affects me, I get all passionate about it, and that's good to write about and for others to read. But on the other hand, I feel sort of embarrassed from time to time for getting this hyped up about small fry stuff in a small fry town.

At this point I have not watched a SINGLE presidential debate. There have only been about four thousand at this point. I understand a lot of the political maneuvering and spin doctoring of the polls, and the "Hillary Effect" in New Hampshire. I could be (should be?) writing about that. But I don't, and I'm still sure that people have a hard time following what it is about this school board stuff that just wriggles in under my skin and gets my blood pumping.

I've now had three people ask me to run for City Council or to at least serve on a City committee or appointed commission. Even the City Commission on Public Governance ("Sunshine laws"). I'm smart, I know what I'm talking about, I'd be an asset to the community, I'd be able to dig into some interesting issues, I'd have a public forum to express my views and influence others.

Does not interest me at all.

It should. What's wrong with me?


Anonymous said...

Well, here's another who enjoys your "political" posts almost as much as the horsey ones. :D

Waving Hi

Chris said...

I'll read whatever you write about - even if I don't completely understand it (and I must confess to a certain about of Canadian confusion over all y'all's politics, school board or otherwise). Riding tips are the best, obviously, but you are always entertaining, enlightening, and thought-provoking.

CindyS said...

For someone like me who is politically stupid most of the time I can follow your posts quite well. I think it's the writer ;)

I love all your posts and miss when you go on a mini-hiatus. I loved the post about the women in your life and Norman Mailor (or some such). Did I comment what I was thinking? When do I get to read your first book?

I'm surprised that a position (I would consider higher up but I'm Canadian remember) doesn't interest you but maybe your calling is truly education.


Suisan said...

I think the reason City stuff doesn't intrigue me is that there are so many topics to deal with. Police and firefighter's unions. Tree trimming. Zoning Ordinances. Street lighting. Future planning for development. Storm water treatment. Managing future transit projects. Managing the marina and that stupid dredging contract.

Makes my head spin.

Education seems to be a focus I can use to filter projects in the schools. Does it benefit the future graduates of the schools? Is it fair? OK, then. I know what I'm doing.

I feel out of my league with the City stuff. I'm sure I don't have enough hubris -- some of the guys up there on council are, eh, not that smart. Arrogant too.

Hmm. Wheels turning.