Sunday, April 01, 2007

Palm Sunday, Seder, and Easter

I have guests in this week. Grandma's staying with us. (Yes, I managed to clean the guest room/office enough to unfold the bed.) And Dear Butcher's Sister's family will be visiting off and on all week.

Tuesday we'll have 15 people for a Seder.

My son is already losing it a touch. But hey. It gives me the perfect excuse to hightail it out of a situation I'm not particularly thrilled to be in anyway. I've already decided that I'm taking the son to a movie during Seder dinner.

AND I caught the cold my daughter's been fighting off. Gee willakers, this is a fun illness. Headache that will not abate, deep chest congestion, and although I can breathe, my upper teeth ache which tells me that I've got some sinus funkiness going on. Bring on the relatives! Yay!

(Update on my son--I took him to Kaiser for a psychiatric consult so that we can start a prescription for anti-anxiety meds through our HMO coverage. Now I've been told that there's a waiting list to see the psychopharmacologist so that HE can prescribe meds. So the purpose of the psychiatrist is...? I love HMOs.)


CindyS said...

Geez, and I thought my week was going to suck! I'm sorry you are sick and WTF with writing a prescription already! That's one good thing about living up here - we can get in to a family doctor for meds to keep us up to date if specialists are a hassle.


Suisan said...

feeling better now--lingerng cough, but not much else.

THe HMO/prescription thing is waiting until April 11. At least. Feh.

Kate R said...

lingering coughs.

Hope the HMO comes through for your boy.