Thursday, April 19, 2007

Aftermath of the Virginia Incident

I made it through the Thursday night Board Meeting. No one spoke about the shootings at Virginia Tech, and no one exclaimed at how unsafe our own little High School is or might be.

I had really been dreading this meeting--preparing myself for a group of parents to cry, "It could happen here!"

Because mostly? It won't. I mean, you still have to be prepared and have "action plans" in place so that staff knows what to do. But in the grand scheme of the universe, the likelihood that a shooter is showing up on our campus is pretty small.

Feeling a great sense of relief. Sometimes Public Comment creates a little too much angst.


CindyS said...

I have stopped watching any media about the shootings - I'm sick of these stupid questions and the media hounding people to find blame.

Normal people don't imagine these kinds of happening. The other thing pissing me off is how much attention is paid to those who did the crime (Columbine, etc.) I would rather the media focus on those people who are no longer with us. I told my husband about how I can only think about how these young people won't get married or have kids or grow old.

The other thing that made me mad was the next day the people were all saying how they were going to be strong and move on - uh, could we take a moment and remember those who died? Of course you are going to move on! You're still here!

Ooops, sorry to rant on your blog - I should have posted on mine. Dinkus that I am.


Suisan said...

People just do not know what to do in the face of extreme mental health issues. I keep coming back to that.

There isn't a reason WHY these people were killed. That's what makes it so very sad and disturbing. There isn't a reason WHY this gunman shot all those people. There isn't a larger moral lesson to be learned from this random violence, except to know that bad shit happens, and it still hurts.

The best lesson of all, one which so few in the media are focusing on, is what does any one person do in the center of this crisis. Liviu Librescu was an inspiring, dedicatedm and gentle hero who saved the lives of others by holding a door closed.

His face should be all over the airwaves. His writings should be read by the masses. We should try to learn something about public education and "action response teams" from his actions.

Care enough for your students as fellow citizens of this earth that you hold the door closed against the chaos which will harm them when they are so full of life and promise.