Monday, April 30, 2007

Love in the Muck

Anybody else think that this is a particularly useless image?

Clearly it's from Amazon from the obnoxious orange arrow. I found it while scrolling through various recommendations. That black circle is, um, not so appealing, no? Or is it green?

OK, so the lady's wearing green and there's a present. Yeah. It's a Christmas Anthology.

I went to all four author's websites to see if the black/green/pondsludge circle scanned any better for them.

On Edith Layton's website I found this.

OK then.

Not sure what all that proves, or if there's a point to this post at all.

Except that I was drawn into researching the websites of the authors of a book I had never heard of because the Amazon scan was so ugly.

(Nancy and Gayle, I tried to find a website for you, m'dears, but NAL was the best I could do.)

So does this mean that ugly attracts attention? Because I surely wasn't looking for a Christmas anthology. Uh uh. And I wasn't even looking for a Regency romance, come to think of it. I was looking for an audio edition of an abridged version of The Three Musketeers for my son. And then that blackish green smudge just drew my attention away.

So easily distracted these days.


Kerry said...

It's possible the book Amazon scanned had "foil" in that oval. I've had real problems trying to scan book covers like that because the foil reflects the light from the scanner and it all goes black like that.

All the same, I generally agree with you, that there are times that whatever is on Amazon sends me to the author's site to see if I can find something better.

What I really hate about Amazon is when they have a thumbnail of a nice cover (I'm a cover junkie and love finding pretty covers) so you click on it and the big version is from some other edition entirely and isn't the one I'm wanting to see better.

Kate R said...

hey anything that draws you to Layton and Metzger can't be bad. Particularly when you have days like you described above. (though the camomile suppository thing? priceless.)