Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Tales from the Salt Mines

Spent a good part of today, yesterday, and the day before involved in my brother's divorce.

Trying to help smooth the waters, facilitate communications, etc.

What an incredibly bad idea. What was I THINKING??????

I feel bad for the kids though. And I feel somewhat cowardly for stepping in, realizing that it was all just too nasty, and then stepping out again. Feel as if I'm abandoning all those frogs in the gooey black mud while I go home to take a refreshing shower.

Ah well, Shower, Shave, and a Gin and Bitters. Feel so much better now.

In other news:

Hey, all you pirate fans. Not only is, gasp, quiver, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead man's Chest coming out July 6, but I just heard through Netflix that THE BLACK SWAN is coming out on DVD July 11! Yay! Yippee! Woo Hoo!

Really must go find an extravagant hat, and eyepatch, and perhaps a stuffed parrot to lug around for the next few days to lift my spirits. Feel as if I'm currently pining for the Fjords....Now then, where did I put that drink?


Marianne McA said...

There's a bloke, Russell Brand, who does one of the commentary shows on Big Brother on British TV, who I've spent the last fortnight admiring in a sad middle-aged woman way, and who reminds me forcibly of Captain Jack Sparrow.
Sadly, I see very little of him, as his show is on a channel which we don't have. [Absence makes...]
Useless information, but I commend him to the house...

Anonymous said...

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