Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The biomechanics of reading.

Can someone explain why my book is upside down every time I start reading again?

This has gone on my whole reading life, and I STILL haven't figured out the biomechanics.

When I place-keep, I stick my thumb in the book, fingers and hand cupped around the spine. My hand is at the bottom of the book, fingers pointing up. I hold it while I tell the children to go get their own glass of juice, Mommy's reading. Ahem. Then, when I slide my thumb to the right and open the book, the book is strangely upside down.

Every time.


Bothers me terribly.

Unless I'm actually marking the book by first lifting my hand and cupping the book from the top--I'm not really conscious of HOW I mark the book when there's a distraction. I'm distracted, after all. But I'm really pretty almost kind of sort of sure that my wrist never leaves my lap--if I'm tucked into bed the covers don't move.

One day I'll have to get someone to first videotape me reading and then yell "Mommy!" Until then, I'm left with flipping books. (At least they get their exercise.)


Bev (BB) said...


Er, I think I just realized why I use those soft book covers. Hehehe.

Pat Kirby said...

Mine always manages to end up open to the wrong page. Always. Weird.

Anonymous said...

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