Monday, May 08, 2006

Home ownership

What is it about owning a home which demands that you pour money down the drain? (Adult voice: You are increasing your home's value. Child voice: But I want candy!) Why does this still bother me? Why do I feel like I can't afford my own life--which simultaneously makes me feel about twelve years old? Mommy? Can I have some allowance?

We bought the house for a lesser price than its neighbor because the condition was not pristine. We replaced wall-to-wall and painted before we moved in, but did not tackle the Master Bath project. (The tub was known to leak--we've never used it--and the shower enclosure has cracks in the glass. Also, this room has, gah, wall-to-wall in it. I HATE wall-to-wall in a bathroom.) So, we bought the house knowing we needed to do work, and some of it we still haven't done.

Three years later, now we REALLY need to do the work, Husband's got his own business which decreases our available cash, and I'm stressing over the house's condition.

A few weeks ago, the patio door cracked after being introduced to a flying rock. This morning I noticed a suspicious stain on the Living Room ceiling, touched it, discovered it was wet, and realized that the kids' bath (or shower) is leaking. On top of those, the Master Bath is reacting to the suddenly warmer weather by sprouting (ew!!) mold. Damn. Mold.

This totally sucks.

I really, really do not want to deal with this. And I recognize my own tendency to try to ignore a problem, to rely upon "magical thinking" whenever possible. "If I studiously ignore the problem, then someone else will come along to fix it, or it will magically resolve itself. For free."

Maybe I need to get a job in the Bush administration studying Iraqi reconstruction; I seem to have the requisite skill set.


Pat Kirby said...

Maybe I need to get a job in the Bush administration studying Iraqi reconstruction; I seem to have the requisite skill set. Civil war? What civil war? Trah-la-la.

Houses are possessed of an evil sentience that waits for the worst possible moment to start disintergrating.

Megan Frampton said...

Sometimes I am actually happy my husband I are too lame to do more than rent right now. Especially because NY rent laws mandate the landlords pay for heat.

CindyS said...

Ewww, mold. I feel your pain! And money - that stuff just sucks. Bob has introduced me to 'Cheap Bob' and he's a real bastard! We're moving into the new house without doing anything. He wants to put a deck on the roof of the garage but I told him to F*** Off. If I don't get my hardwood floors done then he ain't getting a deck. Tit for tat and that's that ;)


Kate R said...

crumbling buildings, mold: sounds more like gulf of mexico reconstruction to me. FEMA is your ticket, I'd say.

On the other hand, duct tape and plastic sheeting could help keep the mold spores from spreading. Yuck.