Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Suisan

1. I love crystallized ginger.

2. I love crystallized ginger dipped in chocolate more.

3. My favorite crayon color is periwinkle blue. Don't much like the gold, silver, or copper colors. They're not convincing.

4. I can make myself forget something. Usually I only use this to make myself forget that I have to use the bathroom so that the full bladder sensation doesn't bother me until I get to the next bathroom. But then as I'm driving past the Rest Area on the highway I remember that I had to use the turn off, and then I have to start the whole cycle again.

5. My favorite horse color is bay, and I keep meaning to look up why "bay" means brown. Is it related to the color of bay tree wood?

6. I keep meaning to look up the root of the word "pruning" but I keep forgetting. (Query: Is it related to the fruit? Like "appling" or "cherrying"? Or are the similarities between noun and verb simply coincidence?)

7. Vacuuming makes me angry.

8. Folding clothes makes me tired.

9. Doing dishes used to make me angry, but I retrained myself to simply do them with no emotion attached. But it took so long, I'm reluctant to start in again on the vacuuming and laundry issues.

10. I have a little figure of Zorro on his horse near my computer. (Which is neat because he stays balanced in his fencing pose if you take him off Toronado.) My kids keep walking off with him, but seem genuinely contrite when they return him.

11. When I grow up I want to live by myself with some cats for company. But I worry that I may become a shut-in.

12. I keep forgetting how old I am. But I don't think I'm forty yet.

13. I had to buy a guide book so that I could understand how my daughter's iPod Shuffle worked. This makes me feel aged and rather dim.

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Suisan said...
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Marianne McA said...

As I've my OED here:

Bay - (French Bai) from Latin baidus, chesnut-colured

while bay tree (French baie)is from the Latin baca, berry.

Suisan said...

I lurrrve the OED.

One day I plan to purchase the condensed set w/the magnifying glass.

Douglas Hoffman said...

I love crystallized ginger, too. Around the holidays, I made a fruit cake (Alton Brown's recipe -- I can find the link, if you're interested) and put lots of crystallized ginger into it. Great stuff. I shouldn't have indulged, but my wife and son didn't like the cake nearly as much as I did.

Pat Kirby said...

Totally relate to the age thing, 12, as well as the housework 'tude. Housework makes me want to hurt small, fuzzy critters.

Jay said...

I can't figure out how the iPod shuffle works either. It's just a smaller mp3 player right? I couldnt figure out if it was a stand alone thing or if it was meant to be used with the regular iPod.

I always forget my age - right now if asked I'd say I was 22 unless I really thought about it first.

Why does doing the dishes make you angry?

Suisan said...

The Shuffle is meant as a stand alone--less capacity, no screen. But somehow because there's no screen on the shuffle I couldn't figure out if I was doing the right thin g when I downloaded songs onto it. ANd then I'm not sure if IT shuffles the music, or what.

Dishes make me angry because while I'm stuck in one spot, hands occupied, brain free to wander, I used to end up replaying some old argument and really "showing them" in my head. And then I would get angry at the dishes, or the person who made the last meal (even me) and start in on them.

Now vacuuming does the same thing--I get angry that the house requires cleaning. (Yeah, I recognize it's stupid, but I still find myself fuming about ten minutes into the exercise.)

Anonymous said...

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