Sunday, January 21, 2007

Wave and smile for the camera

For all three of my readers who have met me in real life, I hope you'll agree that my voice here is fairly close to me everyday snarkitude. Yeah, I don't expose all my flaws here, but hey, it's my decision what to write about here. So for the most part, Suisan, she is me.

I keep the mask thing going because I'm not eager for the day when a political operative is easily able to say, "This OTHER candidate likes sex and trashy novels." Yeah, I can totally deal with it, and I'm not scared of the "fight", but I'd rather not set myself up by waving a big flag and saying, "Here I am! Woo Hoo! Voters! Over here!" Besides, the fewer people who read the blog, the more freewheeling I can convince myself I can be when it comes to that one colleague I can't stop fighting with and, ahem, my mother.

So as a rule I don't blogwhore, and I don't check my stats that much.

Not many in Massachusetts read me, but occasionally a hit comes up from Leominster, or some odd place. It usually turns out that they've reached me by searching for Debbie's Pet Land, a pet store chain which I once mentioned. (Ok, now it's twice.) But today I checked and had a mild shock of alarm. Who are all these people in Boston? Why are they reading me? Aigh!! I've been outed! My mom's friends are reading and discussing the horror that is her child!

No, it turns out that the Boston Globe webpage linked to me (twice) because I do so love visiting museums with my mother. ::waves:: Here's the link. I'm really really hoping that Mom had better things to do that scour the webpage on Friday. La la la. Wouldn't think she uses the webpage. La la la. OK, this can get me nowhere. Cut it out.

Photo from Wikipedia.
If you are from Boston, Hi. Wicked Cool that you made it here. If you happen to know my Mom, could you do me a favor? Make her some tea and take her out to the MFA for me. It would cheer her up, I'm sure.

Edited to add: Damn. Now the link's not working. I'll go fiddle...

Requires registration? But I could see it before? Very confused. Anyway, here's what Geoff Edgers said in the Exhibitionist, a blog on the website dedicated to Art News around Boston. Geoff Edgers covers Art News for the Boston Globe.

Friday, January 12, 2007
Please Ma, No More Museum Talk!

Poor Suisan. She wants to take her daughter to the art museum. And all her mother wants to do is see the Titanic exhibition. God. And she can't stop talking about Boston. Never mind that they're in San Francisco. It's Peabody Essex this, MFA that.

Wait. Why am I trying to tell this? Suisan can do it so much better.

Grudge Match 1
Grudge Match 2
Posted by Geoff Edgers at 11:32 AM
There. Now my self promotion is complete. Need Coffee.


CindyS said...

I just find that super cool!


Megan Frampton said...

That IS so cool. And I doubt your mom is clicking links to find her ill-choiced museum-visiting daughter. I think you're safe.

Suisan said...

It is quite cool.

What's the word for when a shock sort of ripples through you? Is it "frisson"? Whatever it is, I DEFINITELY experienced that when I got a glut of hits from Boston.

But I quickly realized that this is a part of her subscription to the Boston Globe that she is very unlikely to utilize. Besides, the post's in the archives.