Friday, January 26, 2007


This sort of post can get truly silly after a while, but good grief, I just had to say something.

For the last three days, these are the searches which landed people on my blog.

Debbie's Petland
The Lottery Shirley Jackson diorama
A Tale of Two Cities extended metaphor
Jack Sparrow longer face
psychics fairfield california
leg cast thigh to toes pictures
beet vandal buster
Debbie's Petland
Debbie's Petland

Three of those I'm used to seeing often (Namusca, autocunnilingus and Debbie's Petland), but "Beet vandal buster"? I really want to know. I do. What's a beet vandal anyway?


Racy Li said...

Seriously, there are some weird blog searches. I was thinking about blogging about it, but I figured if blogged about people finding me while looking for "strange gypsy sex" or "hermaphrodite Anita Blake" then, that would just be encouraging them.

Of course, now that I've put those specific keywords into your comments, those people will find your blog now :)

Suisan said...

yeah, well that's exactly why people find me using autocunnilingus. ALomst daily I get a hit from either Holland or Germany from someone searching for that particular practice.

Kate said...

yeah, there's the meaning AND I want to know how your blog pops up when "beet vandal buster" is typed in. AND why Holland and Germany? A lot of flexible women there?

Suisan said...

Mailyn left me a comment on this post recommending a anime/maga title.

I show up about ten pages in on a google search. Someone was very very bored.

(So the title of the series is about vandal busters, one of whom is named beet. But I much prefer my original interpretation which involved a group of beet vandals scouring the countryside.)