Monday, March 10, 2008

Whoa. What?

My aunt has a wikipedia page???

And my grandfather?

Umm. I like them fine, and I think they were neat people. But how did they end up with a wikipedia page?

Oh look. Inaccuracies abound. Some of the family myths have popped up too. ("When she died, she had 60 Davenport Arabian horses on her farm." Uh. No she didn't. I was there and I had to count them.) (And then there's the tale of Grandpa practically inventing the Goodwill bins.)

And, surprise, suprise. My brother wrote the entry on my grandfather. Yeesh. I really should go in and fix my aunt's, but I can't quite deal with the fact that someone put her in Wikipedia for goodness sake. That's just odd.

Edited to add: I just went back to the wiki page for my aunt. My BROTHER put in all the wrong crap about the horses. Somehow, this is even worse. Much gnashing of the teeth.

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