Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Say a bit of a prayer if you've got a moment.

I'm bleaching Neo's hair in preparation for dying it tomorrow a blue-black underneath and a purple on top.

So far the bleach is working well -- rinse is coming up soon. (Darnit, I missed a spot at the end over there. Have to remember to get the blue-black on that strand.)

(We're not doing her whole head, just the crown. She likes her dark hair, so we're keeping that. The top section I trimmed into a shorter layer. The very top near her part is going to be bleached and then dyed.)

Wish me luck. Pictures later.


Anonymous said...

OK, waiting ;>

Suisan said...

Well, first I have to TAKE the pictures.

Purple came out nice, although I have to convince Neo to let me touch it up in the front -- it
's not strong enough on one side. And I have to touch up her part in teh back.

But this involves a long rinse in very cold water, so I don't think she's eager to go there again.

Maybe I'll just handcuff her to the sink later on.

Chris said...

It sounds awesome (except the cold rinse). Will you do my hair next? I'm getting tired of the grey :-)

Kate R said...

okay, any minute now!?