Tuesday, March 18, 2008

And here we are at ANOTHER meeting

Hey, but this one's good. It's about Neo for once.

Have been seriously looking into homeschooling next year. She's mostly enrolled, except for a few documents. I'm still concerned about her friends at school, although I'd be happy and I KNOW she'd be happier with a stronger curriculum.

Told her that I really wanted the Vice Principals at the school to understand why it was that she was leaving. One in particular has done a lot to help her out, and I wanted her to have a chance to explain what worked and what didn't work. So today we met. Neo, the two VP's, a counselor, and me.

Well, to borrow a pirate phrase, blow me down.

They agree that Neo is not getting challenged, and they want to arrange for her to get some courses at Middle School next year and some courses at the local community college. Preferably English and History at the Junior College level. PE, Math, and Science at the Middle School Level. They are putting in a full-year advanced art elective. Neo already knows the teacher, so the VP wants the teacher to meet with Neo before school gets out to start figuring out what to put in the course to meet Neo's needs. Whoa.

(Of course, since I have some history with the schools saying they are going to do XY and Z for my son, I'm a bit nervous as to whether they are actually going to DO all of this. One the other hand, both the VP and the counselor talked about transferring college credits to the Middle School with some familiarity. The VP, and I trust him of no one else, has said that he will start talking to the community colleges to find out how to dual enroll a child. Then he'll get back to me.)

Late in the meeting, the second VP started asking Neo about GATE electives -- she's not interested in the offerings right now (Ballroom Dance? CSI Techniques?) so is taking none. VP asks her, what do you want to see for next year? Hard question to answer. However, after some fumbling around, the topic of manga came up. Long story short, the VP has asked Neo to put together a Manga reading group, based on whatever PG-rated Manga series Neo thinks is appropriate, perhaps with some art lessons included and an overview of the types of manga art: bishounen, chibi, etc. She's very excited by this. And now they've also asked her to lead it. Now she's SUPER excited.

I really, really, really, really hope this works. Really. It's mid-March -- that should give me enough lead time to see if the leaders over at the middle school are playing with me, or if they are serious about getting some great stuff going for this kid. I don't think she's ready for High School level math, but geez, a decent English course could be really great.

(There's talk also about having her take classes at the High school, but uh, I'm not convinced that the English/History courses are THAT much harder. I'd rather see her go the JC route. If that means she's taking four-year college courses while in High School so be it.)

In Saul news: We're in a holding pattern. He's left school now for the fourth day in a row. Not violent, but not staying on campus and, uh, not eager to stop walking once he's off campus, thank you very much.

In Idiotic Brother news: He called me yesterday to tell me that he didn't have time to call me. Ummm. Yeah. What? We were on the phone for thirty seconds. I think now is a good time to start the countdown until my mother calls me (I give it four days) to say, "Oh I hear you and your brother are talking! Isn't that great?"

In Phebe news: Still quite cute. Very Much So.

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