Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Body Language

Do horses "enjoy" what they are doing? Do racehorses LOVE to run? Do polo ponies want to play chukkas?

Hard to say. But I'd wager that this horse really does like cutting cattle. Courtesy of a commenter on Fugly Horse of the Day:


Kate R said...

Thank you for that. I wrote a book about a guy named Cutter who acted like that horse (a character mentions cutter horses). Good to see I wasn't so far off although your horse is a lot more energetic.

the "do they love it" question is so clear with dogs like border collies. They MUST do their job. They live for their job.

Kate R said...

um, but what is with the song choice? Is the cow the horse's prince and horse wishes to elope with the cow?

Suisan said...

I dunno about the song choice-- The person who posted this to youtube is Italian. I'm thinking something got lost in translation.

And on the border collie thing, yeah, they HAVE to herd. When you dumped buckets at my aunt's farm, one of her border collies would pounce on the water trickling through the dirt and herd IT. Herding water -- definitely a compulsion.

Chris said...

Try taking an OCD border collie the ocean, and watch them try to keep the waves in line.

The Pacific Ocean, in my experience, is remarkably resistant to canine discipline.