Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Talka tikky talka talk

came back from a five and a half hour IEP.

Not functional after five and half hours of conversation on the same topic.

Need a nap.

(Generally it was a non-confrontational meeting and we're going to get what we want. Eventually. After we meet and talk some more to iron out the details. And meet with the ones who weren't in the room at the end. And get it on paper. And then talk some more.)





Marianne McA said...

Glad it went well.

Kate R said...

it sounded far more painful in the description at Beth's (or was it Doug's) place...or is this a followup? Whichever this sounds good. Very good.

God bless you for being the mother of the decade, suisan.

Suisan said...

OH, it was painful.

Part of the reason it took so long was that EVERYONE was passing the buck and getting all passive/aggressive.

I went out for drinks last night with the Superintendent who sat in on the meeting, and she told me that just watching it unfold from her corner of the room, she couldn't believe how many people were in the room and how No One took control of the meeting and said, "Look. Cut it OUT. We have twenty minutes to get this plan on paper."

I told her that this was my exact experience from last year.

Meet with person one and three on the team. Iron some detail out. Oops, no one communicated with person four, so no we have a meeting between person one and four. Oops. Not person three is confused, thinking that some portion of the plan had changed, so we have a meeting with person three and person seven, who brings up a new topic.

Oh. My. God.

Get on the same page, people.

I've hit some sort of wall on this one. I cannot believe I sat through that whole thing. And now I'm sort of shell-shocked and unable to focus on what needs to happen next.