Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I was tagged

Because I don't bloghop that much anymore, I didn't realize that I had been tagged.

Cindy tagged me to do a screen capture of my desktop.

I try to keep the icons away from the center of the screen, and I'd sorta prefer an olive and burgundy layout, but I like this desktop too.

Neo and I share a computer, so when she's done with an art piece, she saves it as my new desktop. The next time I turn on my computer, wa la! Art!

This is Genre, and you can read more about her and what Neo thinks of this piece on her blog, which is over there ------ > on my side bar.

Originally I set up my desktop to highlight an autumn picture of my handling a chestnut stallion, but it hasn't been on my desktop for years. I somehow always expect it to be when I start the puter up. Hmm. Here it is, just because. He was a grand old man, that guy. Unhandled his entire life until he came to us. (It's a bad picture of a stallion handler, that's fer sure. I had him all set up, four square and perfect, and then someone brought a mare out of the barn. I wasn't comfortable controlling him with that wimpy Indian leather show halter, and I overreacted. As it was, he just pranced in place. I still get embarrassed at my aggressive face and body language in this picture. Gah. But it is a beautiful picture of Tirf's power and autumn in New England. I think I was 23 when it was taken. I think he was about 23 too. I'm so young and he's so old.)

Can't think of anything else to say about my desktop except that I'm glad that Neo feels comfortable enough to shift it around when she wants to.

I can't think of anyone to tag. I'm terrible at memes, come to think of it.

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