Thursday, June 28, 2007

Paris the Redeemed.

Larry King interviewed Paris Hilton last night. Normally I wouldn't care about looking over the transcript, but I heard on the news about how she was really changed by all the reading she did in prison. Really? Huh. I wonder what she read.

HILTON: The beginning was really hard, really hard for me.

It's kind of a blur. It was so, you know, traumatic. But after being there a while, I had to accept that I could either make the best of it or make the worst of it. So I just went with the motto don't serve the time, let the time serve you. And I did that and that really helped.

KING: Did you read a lot?

HILTON: A lot. I read a lot of books. I received fan mail from all around the world, so many letters. I would literally sit in bed like crying, reading these letters. And it just -- it really got me through it.

Suisan -- Wait. You read fan mail? Huh. I wonder what the titles of the books were.
Later in the interview....

KING: You kept a daily journal?

HILTON: Yes, I did. OK.

This is one of the notes that I wrote: "They say when you reach a crossroad or a turning point in life, it really doesn't matter how we got there, but what we do next after we got there. Usually we arrive there by adversity, and then it is then, and only then, that we find out who we truly are and what we're truly made of. It's a process, a gift and a journey. And if we can travel it alone, although the road may be rough at the beginning, you find an ability to walk it, a way to start fresh again. It's neither a downfall nor a failure, but a new beginning."

And I also felt like this was a new beginning for me, just being in jail -- and I just used it as a journey to figure out myself and who I am and what I want to do. And there's -- there's just so much more to me than what people think.

Suisan -- Adversity, that's a big word. Maybe you were reading self-help books? The Secret?

And later....

KING: Are you a religious person?

HILTON: I've always been religious. I went to Catholic school as a child. And I've always had a sense of spirituality, but even more so now after being in jail.

KING: Did you read the Bible in jail?


And at the end of the interview....

HILTON: That's something I was actually thinking a lot about in jail. I feel like, you know, being in the spotlight, I have a platform where I can raise awareness for so many great causes and just do so much with this, instead of, you know, superficial things like going out. I want to help raise money for kids and for breast cancer, multiple sclerosis and...

KING: You want to get involved in all of it.


KING: What's your favorite Bible passage?

HILTON: I don't have a favorite, but...

KING: You read it every day?

HILTON: In jail, I read a lot.

KING: Going to go to mass?


KING: All right. We're going to see a new Paris Hilton.

Oh yeah, Larry. Definitely. Because fan mail will lift you up and give you a whole new focus on life. Nothing like adoration to make you re-examine your life, walk humbly in the face of God, and dedicate yourself to making the world a better place by working towards peace and compassion by the fruits of your labor.

(By the way, I'm not sure we all have to have a favorite bible passage memorized so that we can whip it out to prove our faith, like a little business card, but I'm of the opinion that maybe, just maybe, our dear Paris did not actually READ the bible. It's actually a little hard to read if you're out of practice at such things.
And by the way, if her faith has transformed her, if she has been changed by reading the bible, why does she talk about walking through adversity alone, all by herself? Isn't that one of the central tenents of Christianity that GOD will help you through adversity if you believe in him and pray to him for assistance? Good reading comprehension there, dear. But I am convinced that she is using the bible as a tool, a media tool, to show people how very, very different she is. Ha! Wouldn't it be great if she never ever gave another interview?)


Mailyn said...

I really wish he would have pressed her for at least ONE of the books she read. The Bible doesn't count. LOL.

Marianne McA said...

Guardian said today that she's being helped by Michael Sitrick (sp?) who is the author of a book called something like 'How to turn the power of the media to your advantage'.
I thought, from the clips they showed here, she sounded entirely implausible & coached - but I was so busy being amazed at how like a Barbie doll she looks, that I got distracted by wondering if it was intentional, or just an accidental resemblance.

Kristie (J) said...

THANKFULLY I have managed to not watch anything about her since she was let out of jail. And I would just as soon keep it that way. I'll be avoiding ET and all those entertainment shows for quite some time to come *g*