Saturday, June 16, 2007

Neo's done it again

Neo worked a very long time on this. When my parents were out visiting they bought her a pen pad which came with a copy of Photoshop Elements. This is her first completed artwork using those tools.

She started her own blog, posted this, and said about it:
I got Photoshop Elements and a tablet (a penpad that connects to the computer) about a month ago, but only now can I show the picture I've been working on. That's it up there, if you haven't already figured it out. No I did not trace or copy ANYTHING!!!! I don't know why people always think that. Why am I not allowed to just be a talented 12 year old? Is that so hard? That's my pose, my coloring, my backgrounds, my outlining, my 6-8 hours of work.
I think she needs a bit more rest this summer....she still seems pretty stressed in that comment, if you ask me. (And for the record, it was more than 8 hours of work, more like 14 or 20.)

I'm hoping that she'll enjoy her "Computers in Art" class this summer. I hope it's going to be complex enough for her. Please, oh please.


sxKitten said...

Please tell Neo I think her work is brilliant. I love the textures and depth of colour.

As someone with no discernable artistic ability, I am deeply envious.

CindyS said...

She does awesome work. I love how the white (I'm going to call it fog but I'm uncool and you can tell her that) blends in and yet you can still see the leg.

I have tried simple text and wanted to pull my hair out so something this complicated is awe inspiring and yes, 12 year olds can be this talented!


Sam said...

I'm sure Neo must get annoyed with all the 'Did you copy it?' remarks, but they are simply a sign of admiration. Tell her that she's quite wonderful - she'll believe it by-and-by!