Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Circus Days

Oh help.

The circus is in town.

OK, so it's not the circus I worked for, and it's not the one where I met Dear Butcher, but it is a one ring show setting up on school property. (Complaints are already flwoing in. "The trucks came at 2 in the morning, and they banged a lot." "I thought it was just going to be a little kiddie circus, not a real circus with trucks and everything." Just wait until the 7:30 pm shows start.)

Went down there this morning to watch them set the tent -- not much was going on.

Lots of memories, but I have to say, this one doesn't smell right. The diesels weren't idling, and there was no smell of either horses or elephants. Once the rancid popcorn oil gets warm, it will probably smell more like it should.

This is so weird, to be forty, looking through a chain link fence at my grubby yet exciting self at twenty-three.

Weirder still perhaps is that Dear Butcher went down to spectate wearing a button down shirt and a tie.


Mailyn said...

Cool! The only circus I like is Cirque Du Soleil. I've never been big on clowns, etc. Are you taking the kiddies?

Suisan said...

I like Cirque De Soleil, but they are rahtha pretensious. That I don't go for. (It used to be that all the performers had to "speak" in a special circus language, unique to Cirque. I bit too much, thanks.)

And I like clowns, but you don't see too many good ones -- the good ones are amazing. I worked with Grandma, and she was Great!

CindyS said...

I actually avoid things that start to make me feel weird. If we drive by the university I went to I'm always thinking, 'huh, it was just a few years ago' and then I remember it was 14 years ago! It is the strangest feeling and I do everything I can to stay away from it ;)


Kate R said...

A Thomas Wolfe moment. Stay away! Let it haunt your dreams and not your waking life!

(I keep dreaming that I forgot to pay the mortgage on our old house that we moved out of ten years ago and that the bank is coming to take this one away.)