Saturday, December 30, 2006

Snakes On A Bed!

OK. Don't get squeamish, but here are pictures of "Cloudy Sky." He's a snake, so if you don't like snakes, please don't scroll down. (But he's a teeny snake, so maybe that's alright.)

Cloudy Sky on Saul's arm.

Saul Being Very Still for the camera.
(Snakes are hard to photograph, people. They wriggle!)

Youngest daughter hamming it up.

And the poor neglected dog, Hobbes.
("Don't you love me anymore?")


Kate R said...

oh the kids! forget the snake, the KIDS are adorable.

Kristie (J) said...

That is a wee bitty thing isn't it? A number of years ago I was babysitting a friends little girl and we went to the mall. They had a snake and reptile display and the little girl just about freaked when we went by the snakes. I went up to a guy holding a very large beautiful yellow snake and started petting it. The little girl finally came close and petted it too. I never did tell her mom 'cause she's terrified of snakes and I didn't know how she would take it that her little girl petted one *g*
And more important - your children are gorgeous!! What good looking happy kids they are. And my goodness - the eyelashes on your son!
And ah while I'm here, how do you do pictures 'cause I'm having a wee bit of a situation.

Suisan said...

Yes, my son has eyelashes. No doubt.

I would have have done the same thing, Kristie, helped the kid pet the snake and never told the mom. I'm bad that way. (In terms of pics, I'll come comment on your blog--Blogger is a bit of a bear when it comes to pictures.)

Kate--I think the kids and the dog and the snake are all cute. (Did you catch how the dog's lip is flapping in the breeze as his head droops off the side of the bed? Poor Baby.) But the dog and the snake have the best markings.

Mailyn said...

Ooooh pretty snake!! I like the big ones. Oh and your dog is big! At least he looks big. LOL.

PS Happy New Year!!!! Almost.

Marianne McA said...

How bad is it that I hadn't even noticed the dog? The children are gorgeous though.
And at least, with the snake being so colourful, it'll be harder to lose.
(I somehow suspect that wouldn't be the first thought of an animal lover. Or indeed, the first thought of someone with a reasonably tidy house.)

Happy New year.

Kate R said...

Didn't notice the dog lip action, did notice the nice doggie hug of the boy.

Kate R said...

Didn't notice the dog lip action, did notice the nice doggie hug of the boy.

CindyS said...

I luckily noticed it all and your kids are adorable! Are they close in age? See now, in the picture I think Cloudy Sky is quite cute - I think I would get freaked out if it got near my face. Also, do they lift their head like snakes do when they go to strike? Would this snake bite?

And I love your dog!! He reminds me of Cody when he is doggone tired and snoring up a storm - his lips start moving and then he starts a 'chuffing' noise. Too cute!

Happy New Year!

Suisan said...

Marianne--my house ain't clean, believe me, but snakes kind of don't stay all that still if they get loose. "Head for the HILLS!" And then they find the back of a warm cupboard to hang out in for a few weeks.

Mailyn--He's big. Head comes to my hip. Probably about ninety pounds or so, but he's very narrow. Best description I can come up with is that he's got the body type of an athletic gun dog, maybe a Rhodesian Ridgeback or a german pointer. (But he doesn't point.)

Kate--he's a good dog.

Cindy--he's a good dog, even when he's snoring. These kids are almost six and eight and a half. I have another who'll be twelve in three days. (The boy's kind of slumping, si he's look shorter in these.) And these snakes don't really strike--their teeth aren't big enough to do any damage. But if they get defensive, yeah they go all stiff and raise their head like a cobra. And they rattle their little rattleless tails. But for the most part they just run away. No venom, no fangs, so a much calmer snake.

Doug said...

Damn, those kids are cute!