Friday, December 08, 2006

Sturm und drang

OK, hang in with me for one more political post. Then I promise to shut up. Really.


There's not much more to say about this.

You know how I've been fighting to get raises for the teachers because they shouldn't have to take pay cuts while we were in a fiscal crisis?

You know how I had to sit at a meeting a few years ago and vote against closing a school because I wasn't convinced that it was necessary?

You know how I've whined over and over again that big anonymous meanies are attacking me and my colleagues for saying that the budget is actually better than they think it is?

You know how I've had to hide under rocks from time to time to defend myself against legal threats after we "escorted to the door" the financial officer (and then Superintendent) who not only cried at meetings when her numbers were questioned, but also insisted, even while the teacher's union was showing her documentary evidence to the contrary, that we were just about go under by about 5 to 10 million dollars?

You know all that?

Yeah. It was all a big misunderstanding.

New Business Officer with connections to the County (who's responsible for our budget) made a report last night (with the aid and assistance of the County using not District reports, but only the reports which had been made to the County and to the State). In her report she demonstrated that, oops, we've had money all along.

Two years ago when we closed a school? We had one million extra dollars.

Eighteen months ago when we almost drove the unions to strike because we were pushing them so hard for concessions? We had 2.4 million extra dollars.

Last Fall when my new colleagues were getting their reputations slandered while they ran for office? We had 3.2 million extra dollars.

We were projected to end 2005-2006 in the hole, but we actually have 4.8 million dollars in a positive ending balance.

Good thing that parent committee which was charged with advising us on the numbers but instead spent most of its time coming to meetings and calling us names was hard at work "overseeing" the budget.

When I got on the Board in 2003 we were required to have had a 3% reserve but we were 1 million in the red, obviously with no reserve. It took us years to show a 3% reserve on the books when in actuality we had it long before then. By the close of 2006-2007, just for comparison, we are projecting to end the year with a -- hold your breath -- 10-12% reserve.

Holy Fucking Christ.

What an insane waste of time, energy, acrimony, and effort.

No wonder no one goes into this line of work unless you're part masochist.

Now our job is to ensure that our new business officer never ever ever ever ever goes away. Candy? Chocolates? Romance novels? Tea? Coffee? Dinner and a Movie?


ag said...

Ooh ... my sympathies, Suisan. Hang in there ...

Anonymous said...

All of the Above!!! Give 'em whatever they want! ;)

You know, part of me wants to cry over this and I like in Canada. Still want to cry about it. How many programs were curtailed because of finances? How many new programs couldn't get off the ground? Yeah, tears sound about right.


mailyn said...

OMG that is crazy! Well, at least you guys found out now rather than, say, another year from now. LOL.

meganframpton said...

That is just awful, Suisan. Sorry you guys had to suffer through that unnecessarily.

CindyS said...

Hey Suisan - just wanted to wish you Happy Holidays!! Hope you are enjoying it!


Mailyn said...

Happy Holidays!!!!! Hope you are feeling better and enjoying the season a bit more! ^_^