Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Truthiness in Memes

Five things I know are true:

1. Stephen Colbert is da bomb. Seriously--I hurt myself laughing when I watch.

2. Keith Olbermann is almost as great. He certainly speaks the truth as I see it. But I'm beginning to worry that his rants are now easier to discount because they are so pointed. Preaching to the choir?

3. I am a Christian. But when I say that people want to run for the hills. No, I'm not going to try to convert you or preach to you the glory of Jesus, because that stuff squicks me out too. I'm married to a Jewish guy. I swear constantly. But underneath it all, I'm spiritually (and probably morally) a Christian. In fact, I'm even a member of a Methodist Church, come to think of it. But the phrase, "I am a Christian" is now so hateful that I'm not sure how to describe myself--even in my own head.

4. I hate stupid people. Even more, I hate stupid people who are proud of their determined ignorance. "Yap at me all you like about your supposed evidence, I know in my heart what should be true." Some of the ID/Evolution debates I've witnessed have actually made me nauseated.

5. I used to be nicer. I find myself more and more with an almost uncontrollable desire to knock heads together, whereas I remember being much more patient with people in a longish argument. Maybe that's why teenagers sit forever on the bumpers of cars talking about the same topic for hours on end.

OK, my truths are done.

Who to tag, who to tag? (Whom?)

Mailyn, Kristie, Meljean, Bev, and Crankyreader.


Megan Frampton said...

Man, I am so with you on #5. I used to be nicer, too. I'm still pretty damn nice, but before? Doormat. Not anymore!

Kate R said...

It's middle-aged lady syndrome. You get to the point when you realise no one takes you seriously. Heh. Make 'em listen, dammit.

Or maybe for Suisan it's too many bored meetings.

Doug Hoffman said...

Ya know #3? I keep hearing this from Christians. But where is all this hate coming from, that's what I want to know. You guys are still in the majority.

Glad to know you married one of the Chosen, though. We do make the finest husbands, after all.

Suisan said...

Kate and Megan--Forget the Red Hat club, we need to start the Mean Ladies Who Lunch support group. "More tea!" "New Topic; We've beat that one to death already!" "More tea!"

Doug--I can't think of a way to truly answer your question which doesn't involve a much longer post about my own relationship with my religion, a comparison to Dear Butcher's Jewish outlook on life, and my anger at evangelicals. But as an incomplete first stab at the topic I'd say that generally, when you hear someone say, "I'm _A_ Christian" then you get the feeling that they're just about to go into a "Jesus is my personal savior" pep talk.

I feel as if the Moral Majority and the conversion squad have made the rest of us less vocal by comparison. So then if you do declare that you're X-ian then you must be one of the conversion squad groupies? Does that make sense? Cuz I hate those guys. And I hate it when I sound like they do, even in my own head.

There's more there, but I'm a little too scattered right now to get my arms around it.

Anonymous said...

*shakes fist*


Suisan said...

Meljean: Made you look!

I'll bet you're never visitng HERE again, with a meme tag waiting in the wings for you.

Oops. Maybe that's not such a good thing to say out loud. Co-o-o-ome Ba-a-a-ack, Meljean!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Meme done.

I hate stupid people, too. I also used to be nicer (in my head -- alas, I'm too shy to be not-so-nice on the outside.)

CindyS said...

Okay, just as a knee jerk reaction, I think people hear Christian and think intolerance. Let's face it, Christian religions aren't all for the tolerance with the no gays, you have to believe in Jesus or go to hell etc.

It's funny how there are days when you hear people talking about religion and my brain suddenly clicks and reminds me that I'm Christian. I'm not a church goer or a bible thumper and I know what I believe and trust that others can accept me and still believe what they wish to believe. I don't believe that there is a right or wrong way in faith.

Still, whenever I remember that I'm Christian I do get a little shiver of ... disgust?

I really don't define myself into a group in my head. I actually think it is an American phenomenon and I've never understood it. I have heard people say or write, I'm a democrat or I'm a republican. I can tell you that in the 36 years I have lived, I have never heard someone in Canada define themselves by a political or religious group. It's just kind of a weird thing.

I'm just Cindy and if you want to get to know me then let's talk.

Sorry, I was trying to help with how Doug was mentioning about the hate. I don't think there is a hate-on but a back-peddling by those who are Christian but not the extreme Christians. I mean, c'mon. Evolution? Happened. Now deal. If something like this can shake your entire belief system then maybe your beliefs aren't as solid as you would others believe.

I have a friend who won't let her children read Harry Potter or dress up as a witch or goblin for Halloween. Seriously, faith without confrontation is just, well, following without thought. I would rather know the facts and test my faith than to stand and just believe without question.

Wait. We shouldn't be talking about religion, right?


LorelieLong said...

re: no 3 - I've found telling people I'm a "Non-denominational Christian" helps. It's true, and then they cock their heads and ask about the non-denom part. Much fewer patronizing raised eyebrows and nods.

Suisan said...

Yes, Lorelie, that would work, unless, like me, you're a Methodist. I actually DO belong to a denomination. [grin]

But I totally hear what you're saying.

Actually, being a Methodist (non African-American AME version) is a touch exotic in and of itself around here, so it creates discussion if I happen to mention it. (On the other HAND. Methodists believe in teetotalling, and I do'nt practice that, so I guess I'm a non-observant Methodist?)

Marianne McA said...

Lapsed Methodist? That's what my dh uses, though he's all the way lapsed, through to atheism. [English. Godless nation.]
Church attendance is still so routine here [N. Ireland] that I wouldn't feel uncomfortable about mentioning church - but I do sometimes feel uncomfortable at the way sections of the media - which are English based - portray Christianity and Christians.
But equally, I think the churches here are moving towards a more fundamentalist view of Christianity - and that worries me.

There's a radio programme here called Sunday Sequence (I'm sure it's available online from the BBC)which discusses religious and moral issues with intelligence - and it's a great balm to my soul. [William Crawley - the host - blogs as well.] Equally, though I'm Presbyterian myself, I find the Archbishop of Canterbury's website reassuring - thoughtful, intelligent stuff.

Mailyn said...

Squeeeee! I've been tagged! Will do. Mehehe.

Kate R said...

HEY. So? Well? How are you?

Suisan said...

Sorry, Kate.

I had to fly to Bosotn to celebrate my dad's 70th birthday.

One adult, three kids, two cross-country plane flights, 60 hours away from home. Just got back last night.