Thursday, October 12, 2006

Look Ma, No Hands!

Garrocha, or Doma Vaquera, is a Spanish/Mexican traditional display of a mounted warrior's (then a bullfighter's) mastery of his horse. Like any ballet, it is just so lovely.

Vegas-style. Lights, costumes, and music. (Why do horse people INSIST on using corny music???) But he keeps his hand on the reins--a shame. Check out the next clip (longer) for the real deal.

And the real deal. This is where my Zorro fascination begins and ends. I never have to see his face, but a man who does all this on a horse with just his seat and legs and demonstrates that he trained the horse respectfully and kindly by NOT jamming on the reins, that man can climb up the rose trellis to my bedchamber any night of the week. Makes me swoon.


Mailyn said...

As far as I know Doma Vaquera is from Spain and has nothing to do with Mexico. :-)

Suisan said...

Actually Mailyn, you're right. My bad.

The bullfighting part of it comes up from Mexico into California, so I know some Mexican/Californian horsepeople who talk about it. Which is why I added Mexico in my head.


Doesn't stop my Zorro fascination one bit though...

Mailyn said...

LMAO, I love Zorro as well. How can you not love a mask avenger who is smexy and rides a horse?!?!?

Damn it where's MY Zorro????

Miami sucks. :-P

ames said...

I watched these videos at work, and there ended up being quite the audience. Everyone was awed at the "no-hands." LOL I was too. Very inspiring to see that-and he can break into my room any night too. hehe

Doug Hoffman said...

The contrast is striking. Neat!

Suisan said...

Mailyn, I'm sorry, but Zorro is avoiding you because he knows that I am his forever. He simply doesn't want to break your heart. ;)

Ames, glad you liked them. And maybe we'll put out a joint call to the Doma Vaquera groups that they need to go a-visiting. (Need to get that trellis built though.)

Doug, isn't the difference striking? I hesitated to only put up the second videa, as it's long and he spends do much time walking in the beginning. Thought the Vegas one would be a good teaser. But I just watched the first one again--the horse is much less fluid. He bounces into his halts which always creates the impression that he was surprised. Anyway, glad you liked them.