Friday, October 20, 2006

I love this man.

And, please folks. Learn the phrase Sturm und Drang. It will serve you well as you go through life. That and Bildungsroman.


CindyS said...

Seeing Sturm and Drang in print and then hearing it spoken - I just wouldn't have equated the two. Thing is, there were no word in that that I didn't understand - okay, the fake wood thing would have thrown me. I was thinking 'it looks like a what kind of frog?'


Suisan said...

Why, a wooden frog, of course.

I love that everyone in the clip gets thrown by consternation. OK, it's not in my everyday vocabulary, but it's not THAT unusual.

I'm thinking that maybe fashion designers don't read too many novels?

Doug Hoffman said...

Yup, faux bois was a new one to me, too. The rest? Big deal. Those folks were merely betraying the depths of their ignorance.

I use "sturm und drang" constantly. CONSTANTLY. It's like my favorite three words.


Suisan said...

Yeah, sturm und drang is pretty nifty. I love that over the top, Beethoveny feel to it.