Thursday, July 29, 2010

Road trip

I may go off on a road trip today. Thinking about getting back in to leathercrafting. Tooling, carving, stitching, etc. But in order to do that, I'd need supplies.

Dear Butcher's home -- to day may be the day to load the CD's up in the car and head out to the hinterlands to find a leather shop.


sybil said...

you forgot to come back

Erickson said...

love the topic, I had fun reading it coz I'm a horse lover too but just a beginner one so right now I just keep on collection information that would be helpful for me in my new love.

Sage said...

I used to do leather work. It was really good to work out lifes fustrations with as you get to use a hammer and hit the leather. Had to stop due to age, arthritis, and a huge cyst on my right wrist. If you can keep at it. It is so pretty when done right.

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