Monday, July 26, 2010


Got Saul an iPod nano.

He took it on the plane when he and grandma flew to NYC. Apparently it was left on the plane. "That's OK," says Grandma. "I'll replace it." She sent us money, we bought him an iPod Touch.

Dire warnings. DO NOT take this outside. Don't show it off to your friends. Don't take it outside. Don't leave it on the curb when you go skateboarding with your friends.

Fourth of July picnic, he's running across the street to join up in a game of volleyball, and his iPod drops out of his pocket, smashing the screen.

He starts working off the money it will take to replace it in chores, Dear Butcher puts in a claim against the iPod because he purchased it with his American Express card. Hey ho, whaddya know, American Express comes through and we get a refurbished iPod along with a screen cover and a case.

OK then.

Sync the new iPod, software doesn't quite match, reinstall, sync, save, restore, download, sync, restore, etc. An hour and a half later I get the iPod to look like his old iPod with *all* his apps properly installed.

"Oh NO!" he cries. "This is terrible!"


"All my data is gone. I have to REPLAY all my levels!"

Is it too early in the day for a stiff drink? A bubble bath? Because if that's what I get for replacing an iPod that was broken because he didn't listen to the rules, I'd rather have that hour and half back, thank you very much. Just call me Mean Mommie.

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