Saturday, February 27, 2010

Why I love my daughter's summer camp

My youngest daughter went to four weeks of sleep-away summer camp last summer. She LOVED it. This year we're sending her back.

I was reading through the handbook to check on a few dates and came across a certain attitude that reminds me why I love this place. Anyone who can write these into a parent handbook should be my best friend.

On the use of cell phones at camp:

Cell phones of all types are not permitted at camp. The policy is based on camp being a quiet place where campers learn to experience independence and a quiet vacation.... If this policy is unacceptable to you we would ask you to select a different camp.

Which makes me chuckle. But what makes me burst out in a laud guffaw is this one on parent visits to the camp. Basically parents are invited to come visit after the campers have settled in for a while, and then we come to this gem:

No camper is ever permitted to leave camp with anyone except their own parents. NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule. Not even notes signed by god will alter this policy.

Ha! Love it.

My youngest is so cute -- she's already sorting her drawers into "going to camp" clothes and "staying here" clothes. She's worried that her flashlight will need batteries. She tries on her bathing suits once a month to see if they fit. I'd like to point out that it's the very end of February. So cute.

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