Saturday, February 13, 2010

Aw, come on.

I spend a good part of my online time in the "general conversation" area of a message board. Made some good friends there, participated in a few kerfuffles, teased some trolls, supported a few people through some rough times. We end up talking a lot about horses too, which is fun.

But recently the horse thread is no good. Which is too bad -- we had fourteen threads of fifty pages each on training, buying, riding, breed-centric conversations, pictures, etc. But I can't deal. Hit my limit or patience or something.

Now we've got a group going on and on about how Ghosthunters MUST be real, because why would they fake anything on TV? A few people have handed out James Randi links and told them to go read Flim Flam and said, "Yeah, there may be ghosts and I've been spooked before, but that doesn't mean that I think orbs on a photo are ghostly manifestations." Thread won't die.

I'm done.

I'll miss them, but I'm done.

And I think I'm coming off of facebook too. I don't *get it*. I tried it for a bit, but I can't figure out what I'm supposed to DO on facebook.

I need to go curl up with my IBM Selectric and listen to it hum sweet non-computer rumblings in my ear.


jmc said...

I have a similar facebook problem. It's just another *thing*, and I find blogging and twitter more engaging. But when I said so, I was told to lighten up and be more social....whatever.

Suisan said...

But what does that MEAN, social?

I feel weird posting game scores on facebook. And I don't really want to lay out to everyone what weird thought just went through my head. Not without an explanation or something. I don't have pictures to post.

I don't know what actual tasks it involves, being social.

Lyvvie said...

You request others to be your friend, join groups of like minded people. I keep in touch with family in the USA and college friends, Scottish friends, and even internet friends. I play games with friends - thankfully I'm getting better at kicking Hoffman's arse in word twist. I use it to connect with a lot of atheist/skeptic groups and share stories. It's hard to get into if you don't have a network. I'll add you as a friend - email me and I'll send you my real name and be friends. lyvvie at gmail dot com.

Rachel said...

I have this same problem with FB; I don't feel any inclination to do anything while I am there. However, lots of my friends post photos and videos so I sign in a couple times a month and look at those. I enjoy that part.

Was surfing around your blog after hitting a SBD link and I really enjoyed all your links under "Stuff to Read..." The FSM has always been a fave of mine. :)