Wednesday, June 18, 2008

If I had a hammer

I thought my days of fence post digging were done when I left the horse farm. Apparently, not so much.

Last week I dug fence post holes into hardpan. (Without rented equipment, this entails using an ancient screwdriver as a chisel along with a sledgehammer. Fun!) Yesterday we mixed concrete and set anchors. Today we built an entire floor. And it's square. And it's level. And it's the right size.


Dear Butcher and I are building a chicken coop. Did I mention that I have chickens in my office. Why, yes I do. And they really need to be living outside.

I think we'll get there soon.


Anonymous said...

Chickens are wonderful. :) Ameracunas, Cochins, Silkies...

Eggs and Bug Killers. Can't get any better on a farm

Living dinosaurs.

Anon Again

CindyS said...

It wasn't until I saw a Martha Stewart show on chickens that I saw the beauty of them. So are these fancy birds or the kind most of us recognize?