Friday, September 07, 2007

Bad Joo Joo

When you're talking on the phone to an important official, who then puts you on hold to check a reference, and the entire phone system collapses, it is appropriate to take that personally?

No, probably not. But it does cause some chuckling.

Someone called me back on their cell to say that all the phones throughout the office now showed my name and home number, blinking that I was on hold, alternating with the warning message: "Major Alarm"

Hee hee. That'll teach them to put me on hold, you think?

8:59 pm Edited to add: Just got word that it's going to cost 60K to fix the system and keep it running for the year. Then it will all need to be replaced for a huge as of yet undetermined cost. Some days I'm soooooo glad to be stepping down. And I still think it's funny. Major Alarm. Ha!


Marianne McA said...

Makes it official. The universe is just out to get you.

Don't know whether to suggest exorcism or chocolate.

Neo said...

Chocolate, the incense smells bad :P

Bev (BB) said...

Are you sure you aren't looking at it the wrong way around, though? I mean they are the ones getting the "major alarm" warning . . .