Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Nano Nano

OK, like I really have no idea if pilots and astronauts really talk this way, but I've seen Apollo 13, and I was even forced to watch portions of it in a well-meaning Change Management Conference where we learned to "Think like the astronauts. First Identify the Problem" Eee gads I'm just so goddam happy to be at this conference so I could learn to do that first. Yippee!

Ahem. Sorry. Like I said, I have no idea if astronauts actually talk this way, but it's my little blog and I say that for tonight they do.

Houston, we have a problem.

Go Ahead, Eagle. Over.

We have no plot. Repeat, we have no plot. Over.

Eh, Eagle. Copy that. No Plot, Roger. Eagle, what about the manual there? Can you find the outline? Over.

Roger, Houston. I have the outline. Repeat, I have the outline. Over.

Copy that. Over.

Houston, word count is up to 4291, repeat four two niner one, but the characters aren't advancing the plot. They wish to have the narrator describe their inner thoughts. Apparently the narrator enjoys doing this and we have no plot advancement whatsoever. Over.

Copy that, Eagle. Eh give us just a minute here, Eagle. We're looking for an answer here. Over.

(sounds of much rustling of papers)

Eh, Eagle?


Eh, Eagle we've kind of looked into this whole NaNoWriMo thing and we're seeing that fifty thousand words is a high goal there and you've got a lot more writing to do. It occurs to us that with board meetings and holiday visitors and Thanksgiving and everything, you're going to be needing to get a lot of words on paper there. So our guys here in expert systems are saying that you need to keep on writing, even though it sounds as if your characters are having a little trouble getting their marching orders. Over.

Copy that, Houston. Keep writing and try for plot a little later, is that it? Over?

Roger, Eagle. Four thousand is pretty good for two days, and our experts tell us you can edit like hell in December and January. Over.

Roger wilco, Houston. Over and out.

G'night Eagle. Over and out.


Anonymous said...

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CindyS said...

Uh oh, someone turned their spam filter off.

Red Leader concurs with Houston's analysis of the situation. Nose to the grind stone Eagle. Give those characters a little room to move about and ignore your inner critic. Red Leader has also concluded that four thousand words is not only pretty good but damn good.

Red Leader Out.

CindyS (I always wanted to be Red Leader)

ReneeW said...

Suisan - You are just too funny! I'm LMAO. Cindy (er Red Leader) is right - 4000 is good.

Anonymous said...

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