Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Damn, I just made a fool of myself.

Was all into writing my review for Meljean Brook's Hot Spell, and Roberta Gellis' Rope Dancer and, and, well I went and checked a totally insane message board focused on my city and, well, blew up.

Sputter. Sputter. Spew! Spew!


Damn, I knew better than to check that crud. Knew it would make me angry and well, it did.

OK, I've been asking for a budget workshop since August. Can't quite seem to find a date which will work, let's try again.

Had a conversation with a guy in October who told me that he was SURE, Positive, even, that if a budget workshop were to be held, then A-Board-Member-Whom-I'd-Rather-Not-Name wouldn't come because he doesn't want to know the truth. "What? You're crazy! Why would you say such a thing?"

So two weeks ago we had another board meeting wherein we discussed the possibility of having a board workshop. Sup puts out one date, Nov 14--the board member in question can't make that date. OK, we'll try again.

So the BAC (Budget Advisory Committee), a volunteer group which sorts through budget issues, announces in Sunday's paper that they're having a budget workshop on Nov 14--one member of the BAC is quoted in the paper as inviting the board to attend. (Well, gee, thanks, but by law we can't show up unless you've publicly noticed the meeting 72 hours in advance by posting the agenda at certain sites.) And, surprise, surprise, the one board member who said he couldn't attend in a public meeting two weeks prior, didn't attend.

And on our own nasty corner of the universe I'm then slammed for wanting to "ignore the truth" because I also didn't show up, etc., etc.

So I went and posted on the message board. Stupid. Ignore them. Don't feed the fire.
But I couldn't help myself--I hate seeing a set-up in action. Rivals the mustache-twirling villain in fiction. "Oh ho HO! And you thought I had gone out by the back door, you little minx. Now I have you in my clutches."

Makes you want to toss the book against the wall. And this sort of behavior in "real" life makes me want to toss the parent volunteers and anonymous posters on a message board perhaps twenty people read against the wall.


CindyS said...

Politics ::shudder::

Step away from the bulletin board. Do not become distracted from your goals!

Now me, I'd write a nice little piece for the paper that would say:

To the Asswipe who invited the Board to a meeting WITHOUT the proper notice (there are rules that I cannot ethically break you big butt) in a PUBLIC FORUM. You're A DUMBASS!

Now, I'm not saying they would print it but that's what I would tell them to write ;)

Quit procrastination and get back to your book writing ::whip crack::

CindyS (no pressure though! Really! Just thought you might be a procrastinator like I am but remember, I am royalty in that crowd)

meljean brook said...

Oh, man. I would be CRAZY and all over the place (which is why I will likely never be on any board, unless it is one floating in the ocean after a shipwreck).

But it is good to step in, even if it gets everyone inflamed, and state the facts about why you couldn't show up. Not everyone will believe you, might think you are CYA, but at least you put them out there. Grr. I really wouldn't be able to help myself, I'd be like !@#$#%#@@@@!!!!!! on that board :D

Megan Frampton said...

Those kind of shenanigans are why I wasn't so crazy about being the President of my writing chapter--we had a nutty situation that I was right in the middle of, and my stomach got all twisted. I still don't think I've recovered.

You have to back away from the message board sometimes. Other times, step to it.

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