Tuesday, April 06, 2010

There's a tree somewhere producing pollen and I'm stuck with this headache.

Allergy medication works, but it KNOCKS me out. Like a hammer to the head, sometimes right in the middle of a sentence.

And the newest fabulosity is that just before the allergy strikes, the entire inside of my mouth starts itching.

I never used to have hay fever. My mother even scorned its very existence -- that children who had hay fever had overprotective parents who were making the whole thing up. I remember sneezing or sniffling here or there as a kid, and I know that over time I've developed a hay allergy, but it was mostly a sniff, sniff, snerkle sort of annoyance.

This comes on like a raging wildfire all at once. There are no preliminary sniffles, just POW!

This morning I'm up and about, no sniffles or itchiness in sight. But I awoke with this sharp headache that coffee isn't fixing. Fun.

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